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Comprehensive Plans


Access a wide range of affordable life insurance policies, tailored to secure your family's financial future.

Expert Consultation Services


Receive personalized guidance from an experienced professional to empower and educate you to make informed decisions on the ideal life insurance policy

If you were gone tomorrow,
what would that look like for your family?


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Affordable Protection

prevent devastating financial loss
  save your family's home
  help pay living expense
pay off outstanding debts
help pay for burial
cover medical expenses
create an instant inheritance
and legacy for your loved ones
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Let me help you
          with the next steps?

Affordable Life Insurance from Top A/A+ Rated Companies

Access to Dozens of Policies to Suit Your Exact Needs

No Medical Exam or Blood Tests 

Same Day Approval and Coverage

Living and Death Benefits Available

Accumulated Cash Value 

5/10/15/20/25/30 Year Term Policies Available

Debt/Mortgage Protection

Retirement Planning and Protection Plans 

Dedicated Agent Focused on You and Your Family

Life Insurance Products

 do you need life insurance?


"I don't want to worry or stress over things outside of my control.
So, I made a plan
that works with my budget
that will protect my family
from the financial burden
involved in final expenses
and unnecessary stress 
during a very, difficult time,
which will also allow me
to live fully present right now!"



Allow me to do what I do best!

There are so many reasons to have life insurance! 

Take a peak at a few of the most important...


Lost Income Burial Expenses Pay Off Debt College Planning Build Cash Value Diversify Inves
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Tax Benefits

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Cash Value

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Estate Planning

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Financial Security

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Smiling Family



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Ashley Mallam is an independent broker that helps families safeguard their loved ones by offering life insurance and other financial services. She is dedicated to providing individualized care and specialized solutions to each family with whom she engages. Every family is unique and she works hard to present the finest products and guidance for each specific scenario. Life insurance can be a vehicle for growth, support in a time of need, an instant legacy, and a safe place to invest money. Her access to diverse products and her exceptional client service is why she is positive that she can assist you and your family in locating the coverage you require to protect your most precious assets. Her specialties are mortgage protection, equity insurance, final expense, indexed universal life policies for retirement planning and fixed index annuities for retirement protection. She works with a variety of insurance companies, including Americo, Mutual of Omaha, AIG, among others to fulfill all of her clients’ needs.   Read more of her story by clicking below...

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