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Whole Life

 Did you know that funeral expenses today average more than $10,000-$15,000?


The cost of a funeral may surprise you, but if you plan ahead, a whole life insurance policy can help reduce the burden of these costs on your family and help them focus on what is most important during a very difficult time.


What to expect from your whole life policy



Prioritize your Family's
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Advancing age is the single greatest risk factor for developing a chronic health condition.

of American adults have at least one, 42% have more than one, and 12% have five or more chronic health conditions.


Did you know that the costs of having multiple diagnoses increase in an exponential fashion?

Up to 14 times greater than those with no chronic conditions?

14 times greater 

Why does this matter?

Most Important factors are determined by:

 1) age 

2) medical history


Putting off life insurance only causes the rates to increase.

This is the time to lock in a rate before it becomes harder and harder to qualify for a lower rate for a larger amount of coverage. 

It is not unusual for medical issues to arise and conditions to develop over time, during the aging process.  

This can make finding affordable life insurance more difficult.


Many whole life insurance policies include a guaranteed insurability option, allowing the policyholder to purchase additional coverage without undergoing a medical exam or providing evidence of insurability. This feature can be valuable if the policyholder's health declines over time.

Guaranteed Insurability

Mother and Daughter
"I can't emphasize enough how invaluable my whole life insurance policy has been in protecting my family's financial well-being. When I faced an unexpected lawsuit, the asset protection offered by the policy's cash value shielded our hard-earned savings from creditors. This protection allowed us to weather the storm and maintain our financial stability.
Let's take the first steps to together!


Moreover, the tax-free death benefit played a crucial role in preserving our estate and will ensure a seamless transfer of wealth to our children. Our whole life insurance policy has truly been a financial lifeline, providing peace of mind and security in the face of life's unforeseen challenges."
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